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Awesome horses

A great horse that I think you all know is the Mustange!! Well do you??? This horse is amazing,

it is fast, furiouse and above avarage intelagant for a horse. if you love to go fast with anything from cars to motorcycle

you would adore this horse. maybe if your favorite car is a mustange but you cant get it get a horse. This horse is mostley black and

a lot of the time it is a mans race horse. If you think you cant have a horse because you are a guy think again, the Mustange is

perfect and very manly.


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If I had a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I had a horse i definitely would get the appoloosa horse,it is a fast runner

smoothe just for a nice relaxing ride along the beach at night, and it is the most loving

horse with their people.I love this horse and if you are thinking about getting a horse

definitly think about this one and take a look at it  look at, on their website

you can put in the country you want to get it in they will help you out. If you want to get one i would

take a look. thats my favorite horse whats yours???? Also they have everything for a horse for sale,

such as trailors, brushes, sattles, and of coars the best of all the horse.

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weekly facebook posts

people but so much unreasonable information on facebook not realizing how

many people are really seeing it. you think you are completely safe once you’ve blocked your

page from other people but are you really !!! they’re posting personal information about

themself, then people find them and without saying anything to them they know your number,

your email,your adress, and all of your information. you try to deleat it but it will always be there.

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all the types of horses with different colors!!

We have the beutiful Appaloosa horse that can have so many different colors such as, a light grey with dark black or brown spots.

Or they might also have the most beutiful cotting of white as snow fur, with spots so black it looks like its night time.

and then my favorite color fo the Appaloosa horse is deffinitely when they have dark white with so many big brown

spots, and the whole head is all brown. Those are the main colors that I love on the one and only Appaloosa horse.